How do you find peace?

In a world of chaos, how do you find peace?  From the very moment I wake up every morning instead of enjoying the waking up process, my day is already filled with chaos. I say a prayer for as long as I can get away without being bothered. But that usually lasts no more then a minute and a half and my two children and two furbabies are crying out for breakfast because they can’t wait more then 5 minutes from the moment they open their eyes til they fill their grumbling tummies. No more then mere seconds of sitting up do I find myself cooking and cleaning and taking my furbabies outside  that I realize I haven’t had a single moment to just stop and breathe. From the time I open my eyes life is chaotic.  Days are filled with single mother moments of doing everything myself. Getting kids ready for school. Cooking. Cleaning. Errands. Dog walking. Toddler entertaining and lessons planning. Phone calls. Bills. More cleaning. It never ends. But the thing that keeps me going, those moments that make it all worth it, is when my daughter says “I love you mom” for no reason. Or my son gives me a big hug. Or when I am rocking my toddler and singing lullabies together while she giggles. Or when I have my two second coffee break where I almost get to sit down and sip my hot relaxing drink. These are my moments that I find peace and joy in the midst of chaos.  The times where the kids don’t stop fighting and the days don’t seem to end and no one is ever quiet. I put away all electronics, turn off the cartoons, silence the ringer, and take my kids outside for a walk with our dog Bailey and it calms them all down. So I can have some peace. Well maybe only for a few minutes. But those few minutes are glorious!  How do you find your peace amongst chaos?

My coffee. My moment.

imageSitting here enjoying my homemade affogato while being playfully attacked by my baby rescue kitten. Two nights ago I heard a noise and looked outside to find this sweet baby kitten had been abandoned, of course I took her in! The next day another one was stuck inside a dumpster. I now have two rescues to find homes for. In the meantime I am enjoying the kitten love! I wish I could keep them but my complex won’t allow it and I already have service dogs. I will post pics soon!

It’s me time!…

It’s me time!

I created this blog because I need something that is just for me.  When the lights are off, it’s me time. After a long hard day I want to relax and just be myself. whoever that is. Not the mom. Not the dog trainer. Not the photographer. Not the house cleaner. Not the bill payer. Not the errand runner or park neighborhood babysitter. Just. Me. The one time every day I have to myself. Well. Almost to myself. With the occasional interruptions. I’ll take what I can get. If you choose to come on this journey with me, to stand beside me as a friend or fan or another mom needing some “me time” I hope it inspires you or at the very least, entertains you on your coffee break!